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Travelling to outer space is now a possibility for everyone. There are those who will discover new worlds, commanders who will win dogfights and leaders who will create cultures. Then there are those that can change the destiny of mankind… Join the Continuum and transition fantasy into reality.

Arcana Continuum is a unique P2E gaming platform that allows you to trade tokens and NFTs while immersed in a virtual fantasy realm. You’ll find tremendous opportunities whilst playing various fun games.


The ARCT token, built on the ERC20 Blockchain, is intended for diverse uses and activities within the Arcana economic system including in game rewards, purchasing items and services, staking, and participating in the governance of the Arcana Continuum Metaverse.


Max Supply 100B Tokens

  • 10%ARCT – Liquidity Pools
  • 10%ARCT -DeFi
  • 10%ARCT – Pre-Sales
  • 10%ARCT – Community DAO & Development: Locked for five years, 20% will be released each year.
  • 10%ARCT – Team: Locked for four years, 25% will be released each year 
  • 30%ARCT – Game Rewards: Locked for ten years, 10% will be released each year
  • 20%ARCT – Arcana Continuum Treasury: Reserved for future / Exchanges

ARCT Burns $

Tournaments and Missions: 50% of $ARCT earned from tournaments and missions will be burned from circulation automatically.

Game Actions: 100% of $ARCT generated from game actions will be burned from circulation automatically.

In-Game Item Purchases: 50% of ARCT generated through in-game item purchases from the marketplace will be burned from circulation automatically.

NFT Mints Treasury: 10% of the NFT mint treasury will be used to buy ARCT and burn it from circulation.

Transactions fees: For every transaction (BUY / SELL) made on a DEX, 2% of ARCT will be transferred to the game rewards wallet and 3% ARCT will be burnt automatically from circulation.


Arcana Continuum Spacecrafts, crafted by top 3D and concept artists, are unique 3D game-ready models.

These spacecrafts are designed for use on various Arcana planets.

Each spacecraft’s characteristics, including color, abilities, atomic structure (speed, power, defense), and accessories (burners, weapons, lasers, shields), contribute to its individuality.

The rarity of a spacecraft directly correlates with the amount of $ARCT coins players can earn from games and activities.


Limited to just 899 allocations, the “Arcana’s Flight Pass” is an exclusive privilege. These rare flight passes offer holders access to a range of mind-blowing utilities, enhancing their experience within the Arcana Continuum.
Within the Arcana Continuum, there’s a mystery waiting to be unsolved by Flight Pass holders.